Hi! I'm Leah Harvey
Health Coach 
specializing in the 
Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle
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Helping you reclaim your vital energy

/līvlē/ adjective; "full of life and vital energy"

Private Coaching

You feel like you've tried it all. Nothing is working and you're ready to get unstuck and finally see results. Working together in your private, customized program, we will boost your metabolism, balance out your hormones, and unlock your personal weight loss code. Start your transformation today!

Group Coaching

LIVE virtual group coaching is open for enrollment just a few times per year. Designed to jumpstart your weight loss and launch a healthy lifestyle, this private VIP group gives you actionable resources, accountability, and encouraging support... the Livli Inner Circle is everything you need to get started.


You have big goals...you want to lose weight, have more energy, and feel good about your body. But without ACTION, those goals are still dreams. Coaching will help you set the right daily and weekly goals to help you make that big, exciting dream a reality!


When you put food into your mouth, what happens to it? With a little more info on how your metabolism works, as well as the food groups, you can eat to turn on fat-burning mode and feel amazing! 


Did you know weight loss is more about hormones than calories? Our lifestyle can often throw off that beautiful hormone balance, so learn how to take good care of your hormones, thyroid, and more.


This is the secret sauce! Getting the support you need, as well as some motivation for the bad days, will keep you moving towards those goals.

This is where yo-yo diets come to die.

Melba toast and "skinnyquick" meal replacement drinks weren't the answer. 

 We all know pizza and ice cream isn't either!

It's time to LivliUp

As women - girl bosses, entrepreneurs, wives, moms, friends, working girls - our energy is VITAL. Our bodies have to keep up with us as we do what we do best. . .all the things!

Too often, we aren't getting real FUEL to keep us going, not to mention the nutrients that give us energy deep down at the cellular level.

You know you've been needing to make a change. You've been waiting for the perfect time...this is it! Every moment of your beautiful existence is the perfect time to make a healthy choice.
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