The Livli Inner Circle

With Leah Harvey

A VIP group coaching experience for ladies who would love if they never had to "go on a diet"...ever again. Learn exactly what you need to lose weight and even better...feel truly awesome.


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Based on the principles of Trim Healthy Mama, learn how to eat for fat loss, boost your metabolism, and join the other ladies for a monthly group coaching call with Leah to get your questions answered. Plus exclusive recipes and bonus content!
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Fitness Inspiration

Ever wonder if your workouts are helping or hindering your fat loss??
Get tried-and-true advice to enhance your fitness without damaging your hormones, avoid mistakes, and learn how to get more "bang for your buck" while working out.
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Group Challenges

Nothing helps keep you motivated like some healthy competition! Participate in frequent challenges for a chance to earn prizes.
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Community & Friendship

Find yourself flooded with encouragement & accountability surrounded by other ladies just like yourself, all focused on becoming our healthiest selves. This IS #squadgoals.
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Meet the Coach

Your fearless leader in the quest for being Livli!

Leah Harvey

Certified Coach
I am dedicated to the idea of you being "Lively", ie. "full of life and vital energy". Whether for you that means losing weight, or balancing your hormones, or figuring out the right foods for YOU, or increasing your fitness level, you deserve to feel your best. 

I know what it feels like to keep searching for the “perfect diet”. Having learned from costly mistakes, I now bring context and understanding to both of the often “controversial” macros - carbs and fats - to help you break free from diet dogma and fear, and instead, learn YOUR body’s own individual needs. 

Using my skills, expertise, and experience in health and fitness, I will help you plan healthy meals and follow healthy habits that will help you become the healthiest version of you!


The Secret Sauce
The #1 thing women come to me for. When you actually speak out your goals and have someone there to cheer you on when you feel like quitting, that's where real results happen!
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No more wagons. No more falling off.
Imagine a life where you never "go on a diet" again! Instead, learn to use the macros (protein, carbs, fats) in a strategic way to lose weight naturally and be healthy for life.
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You don't have to do this alone
Many women don't feel supported by their families as they try to be healthier, eat healthier, live healthier, but you don't have to feel alone anymore! This group is a place for you to share your story, your journey, your struggles & successes, and get encouragement not just from your coach, but other ladies just like you!
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Not just my word for it


Hear from others who are changing their life one meal at a time.
"Learning to eat the right things at breakfast and lunch has stopped my afternoon crashes!"
"I am beginning to listen and understand the fuel needs of my body. It's incredible."
"I love that this plan is so simple and easy to follow. It allows all food groups so I am not missing anything."
"I have felt more free and at peace with food than I ever have before. I have felt great physically and mentally all week!"
"Being intentional to eat the correct amount of protein gave me more energy throughout my workouts."
"Other plans I have tried made me just want to give up because it's all focused on losing weight fast. I like that this is focused on eating better and feeling better."
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Join the Livli Inner Circle

Picture where you could be and how you would feel if this was your healthiest year yet. When you fuel your body right and boost your metabolism, weight loss and feeling great is only just around the corner! 

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