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Welcome! I'm Leah.

I help women boost their metabolism and balance their hormones so they can lose weight, get their energy back, and live the healthy life the want.
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/līvlē/ adj.
"Full of life and vital energy."
Are you feeling drained, and frustrated with your body? Are you living from coffee to coffee for energy?

Are you unhappy with your weight, but confused what "diet" is the right one? 

Have you ever tried a diet plan for a month, lost a few pounds only to gain it all back?

Not only is that incredibly frustrating, but it can also damage your metabolism and set you back further.

If you're like most women who come to me, I'm guessing that you probably...
want to feel TRULY healthy again
want to lose weight... and keep it off
want your energy back and feel good again!
want to avoid another lame crash "diet"
are tired of starting over every 2 months
are tired of figuring everything out on your own!

What if....you didn't need keto, or paleo, or vegan, or cleanses, or anybody else's diet?

What if you had... The YOU Plan

Have you heard of Trim Healthy Mama? Maybe you've dabbled in the plan without much success, or maybe you have no idea what I'm referring to!
This simple, sustainable, eating plan has helped hundreds of thousands of women lose weight, gain back their energy, and experience true health.

This plan changes the way you think about food, giving you the perfect template for eating for health and weight loss.


How do you start? What do you eat? What do the "fuels" mean? How do you know what carbs and fats to eat? How much do I need?

These are questions I get a lot.

The KEY to success is customizing the plan to your body. This will look different for every person, and that can be challenging to figure out.

As a Certified Trim Healthy Mama Coach, I make it simple and doable for you, guiding you towards the right portions, the right timing, and the foods that work best for your body...

So you can feel your energy soar and the pounds melt away!

Coaching for faster success

With professional certification and over 7 years of experience living "on plan", I will help you avoid overwhelm and simplify the Plan into easy steps that you can follow.

As your coach, I walk alongside you, guiding you, giving you personal advice, accountability, encouragement, and help you get results faster. 

When we work together, you'll never need another diet again...you'll have the YOU Plan that works for a lifetime.


1:1 Personal Nutrition Coaching

Tell me how!

Wondering how this all works and where to start?!

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"I loved how you explained everything. It really helped me to understand the different fuel types, why you need them, and how the fats and carbs work, etc."


"I finally got my weight below 130 and have been able to keep it there. I'd like to lose 5 more but it's a big step going under 130!"


"For the first time in my life, I feel like I could actually stick to this plan for 10 years...or forever!

I really love knowing that I'm eating the right foods that make me feel good and help me lose weight. I'm truly on the"Beth Diet" for life.